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Dracula, the new music score by Composer Tim Mountain

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Tim Mountain has finished composing and recording his latest ballet score for the Lawrence Olivier nominated Gangster Granny Choreographers.  

Dracula is a thrilling 90 minute contemporary classical works and will be highlighted here following its inaugural performance in September 2018. Set in a cabaret club, this is a unique piece of contemporary classical music and quite different to his other works. 

The Combination of the Music of Tim Mountain and the choreography of the Chantry Dance Co will be absolutely THRILLING to see.  

If you would like Tim to compose original score for your next movie, ballet or campaign, please get in touch.  He is truly a genius composer.

More about the Choreographers and the Dancers

Rae Piper and Paul Chantry (Chantry Dance Co) are west-end Choreographers, who's latest works can be seen in David Williams' Gangster Granny which was recently nominated for the Lawrence Olivier Award (2018). The recent cast includes Britain's Got Talent star Shannon Parker.

Photograph: with thanks to Chantry Dance Co

Tim Mountain Composer, new ballet score, Dracula for Gangster Granny Choreographers Chantry Dance Co. If you want to commission Tim Mountain, contact the studio on 01242 317804
Composer Tim Mountain

With the cast of his latest ballet, 'Dracula, Welcome to D's'
Composer Tim Mountain

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