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Alice, Wonderland Through the Looking Glass

Alice, Wonderland Through the Looking Glass is an original score Composed and Produced by Tim Mountain. The ballet went on tour in 2019. The film was produced by Evenlode Films and Productions

The music is inspired by Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland and composed for a 90 minute ballet that toured the UK in 2019. The story unfolds about a grown up Alice who longs to be a writer, but works long days for little money in a small tea-shop. "The Looking Glass" resides in Wonderland and is a portal which the Red Queen accidentally crosses when chasing a croquet ball. Entering this new reality, she develops a dastardly plan to seize power by opening a casino where she creates an Army of Cards. Hatter and his gang of concerned Wonderland characters pursue the Queen and find Alice. Together, they resolve to stop the Queen, but first they must try to make sense (or non-sense!) of our world. It's pretty unusual music which really reflects what this story is all about.

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