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The Sandman

The Sandman is an Original Score Composed and Produced by Tim Mountain. The ballet went on tour of the UK in 2018, with Principal Dancer Shannon Parker from Britain's Got Talent

The Sandman went on Tour across the UK in September 2018 and received incredible reviews and standing ovations, with sellout performances.

The Music was composed by Tim Mountain and features virtuoso Violinist Shulah Oliver and Cellist Rebecca Rose. The music received the following review, " It is really a truly genius piece of work. Especially scene 12 - the music for this really did make me (and many others) in the house cry with emotion. Intense, contemporary classical, with overtones of Bernard Herman (Psycho) ... and including Tangos... and a real array of musical genre. Each scene evoking a different emotion that evolves through, abject fear, love, horror, dreams..yet the whole piece is a works that blends as a complete masterpiece. Tim Mountain (biased as I may seem), is a musical genius. " Scarlet D.

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When you hear his. music, you can't help but dance

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