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Ulysses Unbound

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​The last astronaut has left a dying earth in search of a new home. In a thrilling cascade of stunning characters, costumes and imagery, he witnesses the birth of a new star and finds himself on an alien world, populated by very alien creatures - one of which he forms a strong bond with.
This extraordinary ballet combines an exciting original soundtrack with contemporary ballet danced by an exceptional international cast. Through the fascinating choreography the dancers interpret cosmic events, from the evolution of a star to the formation of a deadly black hole.

The Music is an original score composed by Tim Mountain. Tim has written six ballets, four of which are full length 90 minute pieces. You can find Tim's music on all streaming services and digital platforms.

The Film of Ulysses Unbound was produced by Evenlode Films and Productions. You can learn more about Evenlode from this link:

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"Brilliant Music.  Sensitively composed with fabulous rhythms and dynamics.  A truly wonderful album." 

(Amazon 5 star reviews)

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